Go Under The Bridge To Avoid Traffic!

Go Under The Bridge To Avoid Traffic!

  • Posted: Mar 18, 2014
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Veer right and go under the bridge for a great Local Known Shortcut

This is a well known great Locals and Cabbie Shortcut!

Route 50 Into Ocean City:

Going North of 9th Street

Go Under The Bridge To Avoid Traffic!

Many tourist and locals alike often like to enter Ocean City during

the Summer Season via Route 50 only to find Traffic at a stand still. And let’s face

it nobody wants to start their vacation sitting in traffic! And why we

cant change the Route 50 Drawbridge schedule we can tell you what

most locals know to avoid traffic. Now if you are staying downtown on your way

to your hotel this Tip wont help immediately. But may help as you venture

around town and West O.C. and sure you will use it! Locals Know More

recommends you get in the right lane before you cross the route 50 bridge and

upon exiting the bridge merge to your right and take the first right on to Talbot St.

Then go 1 block make right onto South St.Louis. You will come up on a stop sign

turn left onto Caroline and go around under the bridge. Turn left onto

North St. Louis Avenue. You will now be able to go all the way from

Division Street to 17th street, in little or no car traffic. Just turn up any of

the red lighted streets for easy access to downtown areas or all the to 17th

street for North Ocean City access!

Please maintain a residential speed and watch for pedestrian as there are a lot

of apartments in this area.

Note: You will also go past the Downtown Recreation Skateboard Park.